Wooden toy for 3 year olds baby

Wooden toy for 3 year olds baby

How 2- to 3-Year-Olds Play

Your child’s play is now more purposeful, and they have the fine motor skills needed to complete a puzzle or build with blocks by themselves. They’ll start to enjoy pretend play that imitates the actions of people around them. They will also like high-tech toys that make real-life sounds, such as telephones that ring or dolls that talk.

If you avoid gender stereotypes at home, don’t be concerned if your cisgender child plays in a gendered way, adds Dr. Newcombe. Babies assigned male at birth may love using dump trucks to scoop up sand, while those assigned female may pretend to feed their dolls and put them down for a nap. No matter what gender they are, let them play with the toys they choose.

Kids remain very active at this age; most of them still enjoy push- and pull-toys. It’s a great time to introduce a ride-on toy, too: Start with one that your child can propel with both feet, and move up to a tricycle or balance bike.

Top toys for 2- and 3-year-olds
  • Dolls and stuffed animals
  • Props for make-believe play, such as a toy telephone, a tea-party set, a play kitchen, or a doll stroller
  • Ride-on toys, tricycles, and balance bikes
  • Musical instruments (popular ones include toy pianos with flashing lights that show kids what keys to press)
  • Large transportation toys with buttons that make a horn honk or a siren whistle
  • Puzzles
  • Construction toys that snap together

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Why wooden toys are always popular in the world?

1. It is a highly safe toy

Smart wooden toys always attract a lot of attention from parents and children, because they have many beautiful and diverse designs and have many different benefits and uses. Today, Options Brand will introduce to you 10 reasons why wooden toys are always popular in the world!

Toys are an indispensable part of every person’s childhood. For young children, toys are like a close friend, playing together. Therefore, when choosing toys for children, parents always aim for safety. And wooden toys perfectly meet this.

They are safe from design to material, reducing the risk of exposure to harmful substances such as PVC, Phthalates, … safer than conventional plastic toys. Parents are completely assured about the safety of this wooden product.

2. Always loved by children

Many parents are always worried about what kind of toys to choose to be loved by their children, but also have many outstanding features, training more skills for young children.

Now, parents can rest assured when using this wooden toy. Because according to many studies, it has been shown that wooden toys always attract and stimulate the curiosity of young children, helping them learn while playing and practicing many useful skills.

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3. Environmental friendliness

Today, environmentally friendly items are always the first choice in people’s shopping behavior. Wooden toy products are high-quality toys, made up of solid wooden blocks and another advantage of this type of toy is its high recyclability and biodegradability.

Therefore, wood is a safe material, less harmful to the environment, and is preferred and chosen by many people today.

4. Helps preserve lasting memories

Toys made from wood will be durable, and less damaged after a long time of use. Therefore, this toy will always accompany young children, fostering the soul and building many memories for children.

5. Help children connect with people

Children will often play with family and friends, thereby helping them to improve their personalities, soul, and emotions. Wooden toys increase children’s ability to communicate and express language, emotions, and actions. Since then, the ability to connect and interact with people is also formed in young children.

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6. Help children develop cognitive ability

Children are always attracted to and impressed by colorful toys. And most smart wooden toys are always wooden blocks of many shapes, sizes, and colors. Therefore, when children are exposed to this type of toy, their awareness of the world around them increases rapidly.

In addition, toys with sound combinations will also be very suitable to stimulate the child’s brain development, helping children form the habit of recognition, thinking, and memory. This is a learning method that parents should guide their children while playing.

7. Help train children’s ingenuity

Helping to improve children’s ingenuity and meticulousness is also one of the reasons why wooden toys are popular in the world.

When children must assemble models, children will be trained in careful calculation and careful thinking, as well as ingenuity and orderliness in arranging and arranging wooden blocks flexibly. active, scientific.

From there, it will help children form good qualities, practice ingenuity, and create a habit for the future.

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8. Help children improve motor skills

Besides helping children develop intelligence and skills, and exercise creativity, … Wooden toys also promote children’s motor abilities, help children develop comprehensively and become stronger, and limit the cure of the disease.

9. Help your child form a love for nature

Wooden toys besides protecting and being safe for the environment, also help children learn to love nature and appreciate the precious values ​​that nature bestows on our lives. Gradually, form good and useful habits for life and society in the future.

10. Helps cultivate creativity and thinking ability

Wooden toys are smart toys, that stimulate the brain of young children. Wooden toys are often made from puzzle pieces of different shapes, sizes, and colors, through which children will be free to express their creativity through the arrangement of matching pieces. together.

Gradually, they will help form good habits in young children such as observation, thinking, logical reasoning, and creativity, …

Thus, the above article has introduced to you 10 reasons why wooden toys are always popular in the world. Options Brand hopes that you can choose to buy your children suitable toys to stimulate the development of young children.

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