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The remote work setups only got better in year two of the pandemic. So here are some of the best workstations from people who really nailed …

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Smooth workflow at home with your own working space

Space, motion, and workflow are the three elements of smooth flow workspaces, a work triangle for easy access that makes kitchen work a joy.

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Options-Brand setup with an adjustable standing desk

Upgrading your office desk setup is one of the best ways to set your increased productivity in 2022. There are lots of significant advantages of switching out your old desk for a standing desk. You must also ensure that you have the best standing desk setup. In this article, you can get some tips on achieving the ideal standing desk setup this year.

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Studio Style essential work-from-home setup

Everything you need to work from home according to people who do it every day, including desks, ergonomic chairs, coffee machines, …

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Options-Brand editor with dual screen monitor setup

Dual monitor desks really only differ in that they are larger than other desks. They may also handle more weight than standard desks. No matter what your computer setup, the best desks for dual monitors will fit what you need and make your space more functional.  

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Options-Brand working setup for high mobility

The biggest variable that sets dual monitor desks apart from others is their size. You’ll want to make sure you have enough surface area to support both of your displays without making your space feel cluttered and cramped.

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Options-Brand modern work from home furniture setup

Let us dive deeper into what makes a good home office environment in terms of furniture because that is what turns a room into an office. You cannot just place a computer on the floor and call it an office.

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