Wooden Pot

  • Wooden planter pot

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    Wooden planter pot

    Organic and geometric in shape, this wooden pot is a minimalist succulent planter handcrafted from solid wood. Perfect for decorating your desk or table, the planter makes a perfect piece of home decor. Each planter is crafted from real wood and hand shaped to attain a faceted geometric look, an aluminum pot is attached inside to ensure protection against water and complement the look.

  • Wooden vase for plant

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    – Solid Poplar Wooden Design; Milled from a single piece of raw, natural Poplar/rubber wood with a visible, rustic wooden grain and modern, angled design.

    – Protective Inner Ceramic Pot; Perfect for indoor growing and watering while protecting our solid wood outer.

    – Great for Indoor Gardening; Small inner pot suitable for growing smaller plants and herbs, perfect for indoor gardening and planting!

    – Compact Size; Measures Just 110x80x80mm, perfect for desktops, bookshelves, kitchens and to brighten any corner with natural charm!

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