Wooden Aircraft Model

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The Wooden Aircraft Model kit includes:

+ 01 body model: 100% yellow melaleuca wood material
+ 01 balance base for the model
The Aircraft Model will be a meaningful gift for everyone. Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight and high humidity.
Decoration in the family, display in the living room, bedroom
Office decoration, desk
Give gifts and souvenirs on special occasions.
Gifts for foreign partners
Gifts for customers on special occasions
Childrens toys
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Wooden Aircraft Model

If you, your boss, or your loved ones are generous, liberal, ambitious, and international-minded. So, on special occasions (with sincere people) who want to show their special heart to the other party, then the Options branded wooden model airplane is the gift you should choose.

So, what does the airplane model mean? Why did you choose an airplane model as a gift? … Please refer to the following article for details, to understand the meaning of Options branded Wooden Model Airplane.

What spiritual meanings are brought from the wooden airplane model?

1. The model plane represents a cosmic orientation.

If you are starting a business and want your products to be international, then the plane is the means to help you bring your products to all parts of the world quickly.

2. Model airplane is an image representing a person who loves to travel.

The simple, primitive, and most common meaning of the airplane model is the way to express the love of travel and the passion to explore new lands.

For some people, this is like a lifelong dream: everyone wants to go and explore new lands and cultures when they have enough time. Therefore, this gift is also the simplest way to always remember your goals and desires.

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3. Airplane model shows a liberal lifestyle.

When modern life is more and more stressful, many people choose for themselves a way of living that focuses on the present, enjoying the things around them instead: of worrying about the future and unattained goals. This lifestyle is a bit like the saying “let the wind blow it away” that people often hear.

There is no better way to express it than to choose the simple, gentle, but meaningful wooden airplane model that you are aiming for.

4. Airplane model means always moving forward.

It is not difficult to own an airplane model with 100% realistic details, according to your favorite model, and leave it on your desk.

This is like a gentle reminder: keep moving forward instead of dwelling on the past. Surely, there will be many adults who need this reminder: to motivate themselves and make good use of the time each day.

5. Model airplanes symbolize new beginnings.

If you look, you will see that when the plane passes, it will leave a white smoke. This is the image that represents letting go of the past, the things that have held you back all this time to start a better new beginning.

6. Airplane model shows love for the international freight industry

For those who have a great love for the international freight industry… the sky and the air are home. There are many people who choose airplane models to show their love for the profession they love and pursue.

If you are interested in Options branded wooden aircraft model: then please contact us via the hotline at 0986839825 for detailed advice and quotation, or refer directly at:

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Weight 0,6 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 40 cm

Natural Wood


Yellow Flower Acacia




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