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Besides boats, airplanes, etc., wooden clocks are also an extremely suitable choice to decorate the space of the house more luxurious and unique. Wooden clock is especially suitable for those who like to play with wooden furniture, want to own a wooden item to decorate their home and express their personality.

With a combination of modern machinery and original and traditional wood materials and unique decorative details, wooden clocks will definitely become a highlight in the space of your home.

Therefore, in order to choose a beautiful wooden clock, it is impossible to choose through speakers. In this article, Options Furniture would like to introduce to you some beautiful wooden clocks. Along with that is useful information for wooden watch players to help you preserve your watch better, more durable!

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1. Beautiful wooden clock is a luxurious highlight of the living room

Different from ordinary clocks, wooden wall clocks are a combination of convenience and art. Because wooden clocks are decorative items that can both be used to tell the time and increase the aesthetics of the house space. Not only that, but wooden clocks also can bring energy to improve feng shui.

Making a wooden clock is not an easy thing. Wooden wall clocks are the result of many stages and sophisticated techniques. It is the art of wood carving, shaping, and detailed installation… Even the application of feng shui science.

Therefore, this is one of the decorative items for the living room that every family should own.

1.1 Advantages of wooden clock Options

The first advantage of wooden watches is their longevity. Compared with other common decorative items, wooden clocks have a lifespan of up to dozens of years. Even when stored in optimal conditions, wooden watches can last for hundreds of years.

The second advantage of wooden clocks is to clearly show the personality of the owner. There are many different designs of wooden clocks available today. It can be said that each wooden clock is like a picture. Therefore, you have many options to express your style and personality.

The third advantage of wooden clocks is to bring energy to impact the feng shui of the house. This has been studied and recognized by many feng shui experts.

According to many feng shui experts, clocks – especially pendulum clocks, when making sounds, these sounds will reverberate on surrounding objects. The interaction of sound creates frequency vibrations. Thereby bringing the ability to improve the feng shui of the house.

1.2 Notes when choosing wooden clocks

With such bright advantages, the value of a wooden watch is therefore not small. Therefore, when choosing to buy wooden watches, you need to choose carefully.

Not only interested in the design, finishing, and aesthetics of the watch. You also need to pay attention to the quality of the watch movement. Should ask questions about the origin, machine life … of the watch when buying a wooden watch.

Besides, it is also advisable to check the quality of the watch wood. You should go to the factory to check the quality of the wood as well as the skill of the watchmaker. For customers who are far away, when receiving the goods, they must carefully check the condition of the watch.

Aesthetic factors: Are the carved lines neat and sharp, are there any scratches or dents, or distortions on the watch, is the paint quality guaranteed…
Technical factors: Bronze Does the watch run normally, are the hands bent, or deflected, is the machine running smoothly…
Especially, when choosing to buy a wooden watch, you also need to pay attention to the size of the watch. Avoid buying watches that are too small or too large. This will make the general space of the room unbalanced.

2. Beautiful and luxurious wooden clocks at Options Furniture

To make it easier for you to choose a watch that suits your style and space, Options would like to introduce some popular wooden clocks below.

These are all wooden clocks with high aesthetics, with a harmonious layout. Can be placed in any space to bring the energy of fortune and luck.

2.1 Wooden clock with words Phuc, Loc, Tam

The model with the words Phuc, Loc, Tam … or calligraphy letters is one of the most popular wooden clock models. Because these watches do not have too many details, they are just right in size. Therefore, it is suitable for most Vietnamese living room designs.

Moreover, the calligraphy paintings with letters do not have too many feng shui elements. So, it can be suitable for all ages of homeowners without having to pay too much attention to spiritual factors.

Clocks with Phuc Loc letters at Options currently have two options to serve customers: Wooden clocks or gold-plated clocks on the letters.

2.2 Calligraphic wooden clock

Like wooden clocks with Phuc and Loc characters, calligraphy wooden clocks are wooden clocks with calligraphic lines carved with humane meanings. The content of the calligraphic lines carved on the clock is mainly about human morality, and proverbs to bless or pray for fortune.

2.3 Wooden clock engraved with Maitreyan Buddha pulling the fortune bag

This is a wooden clock model suitable for families and businesses. The image of Maitreyan Buddha is often associated with wealth and fortune. Therefore, the watch model engraved with the image of Maitreyan Buddha with a fortune bag is believed by many people to have the ability to bring luck in business.

Families who do not do business can still use Maitreyan Buddha wooden clocks. The compassionate, gentle, kind, cheerful face of Maitreyan Buddha will help bring a feeling of joy and peace every time the owner comes home.

2.4 Gold-plated wooden clock with paintings of favorable – downwind

The painting “Smooth sailing” is one of the most popular paintings with wood and feng shui players. This picture shows the meaning of wishing the owner a lot of advantages at work. Like the windy boats out at sea.

The wooden clock engraved with the picture “Sails smoothly” is both suitable for display in the living room during the New Year and suitable as a gift or a housewarming gift.

2.5 Standing wooden clock

A standing wooden clock is also known as a wooden clock. This is a classic European-style watch. The watch has a standing shape, without too many carved details. However, every detail is carefully crafted.

More specifically, to better suit the Vietnamese style, many artisans have crafted and created to change the design to add Asian features. Therefore, the standing clock will become the focal point in your living room.

3. Types of wood used to make clocks

For wooden watches, no matter what model they are made from, the watch material is also extremely important. Wood material to make wooden clocks determines up to 50% of the product’s aesthetic. Therefore, when choosing a wooden watch, you should also pay attention to the wood material of the watch.

3.1 Incense wood

Agarwood is one of the most popular woods for making wooden clocks. The wood is strong, heavy, and hard. The wood grain is even and beautiful. The wood grain is thin and smooth, so it is easy to work with. Agarwood used to make wooden clocks is usually red cedar wood or cedar wood.

The most special feature of incense is that this wood contains essential oils. Therefore, the wood is not only beautiful but also has a pleasant scent. Also effective against termites. So the incense wood clock will have a longer life.

3.2 Mahogany

Mahogany is one of the precious woods. The wood grain is smooth, beautiful and straight. Therefore, more details will be displayed in a clearer and more beautiful way.

Mahogany is considered the most durable wood with the ability to shape and create flexible blocks. The biggest advantage of mahogany when making wooden clocks is less warping, termites and the longer the wood, the more beautiful the color of the wood becomes.

Therefore, mahogany is often chosen to make sophisticated and detailed wooden clocks.

3.3 Rosewood

Possessing beautiful, large and clear veins, rosewood is often used to make wooden clocks with few details or big and simple details. Rosewood itself is also very valuable and rare, so a rosewood watch does not need to be too sophisticated and detailed but still has high value and aesthetics.

3.4 Ebony

The advantage of ebony is that it has optimal hardness and brittleness to help the watch produce a melodious, low-pitched sound. Therefore, ebony is often chosen as a pendulum or stand clock. The most special feature of ebony watches is that the longer the life, the more beautiful the color of the wood is.

However, up to now, the amount of ebony wood is not much. So watches made of ebony are extremely rare and extremely valuable.

3.5 Frankincense wood

Nu cedar is one of the rare and uncommon woods. Therefore, watches made from nun would have a very high value. Crafting a watch from nun wood is not easy. Nu wood is very easy to crack and break, so it must be handled with extreme care.

In return, Nu Huong wood has very strong feng shui energy. The longer the life expectancy of the wood, the more feng shui energy it has. So many people often like to collect antiques made from muciferous wood, including wooden clocks.

4. Five criteria to evaluate the quality of beautiful wooden watches

To determine whether a watch is beautiful or not, wood watch connoisseurs often rely on the following factors:

  • Good quality wood, beautiful. Watches are made from rare or good-quality wood. Wood has a light, pleasant aroma, and the more special it is.
  • The lines carved on the watch are delicate, soft, and sharp. High finish, no scratches or defects.
  • Meaning the unique details, forming a picture combining quality watches, unique. The details and layout of the picture when combined with the clock are still balanced and harmonious.
  • Wood material is well treated. Dried wood has a moderate moisture content and does not warp or shrink during use.
  • The watch comes with good quality, smooth running, standard time, and clear number, metal watch material ensures shine, and beauty, and does not rust over time.
  • Every wooden clock that satisfies these 5 factors is a high-quality wooden watch. As for the aesthetic factor, depending on the needs and style of each person, there will be different feelings.

Therefore, when you want to choose to buy wooden watches, you should not put too much emphasis on aesthetic standards. Take a close look at the beautiful wooden clock and choose according to your senses to own the most satisfactory watch.

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